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Safety Instructions for the Use of Electric Centrifuges

Issuing time:2022-02-25 16:24

The electric centrifuge has beautiful appearance, large capacity, small volume and complete functions. It has the advantages of stable performance, adjustable speed and automatic balance adjustment, low temperature rise, high use efficiency and wide applicability. This product is suitable for qualitative analysis of serum, plasma and urea in pharmaceutical products, blood stations, clinical trials and biochemical laboratories. Safety Instructions for Electric Centrifuges 1. Read all instructions carefully before using the electric centrifuge. 2. The hollow tube should be evenly placed before work, and the machine should be run for 1-2 minutes at the speed of rotation, and it can work only when no abnormality is found. 3. Do not touch the running rotor. 4. It is strictly forbidden to run the rotor in the state of unbalanced loading. 5. Damaged wires or plugs or malfunctions of electrical equipment should be repaired by professionals. The use of electrical equipment not recommended by the manufacturer will cause certain quality problems. 6. Do not use in direct sunlight. 7. The electrical rated parameters of the power socket provided by the user should be greater than the electrical rated parameters of the machine, and good grounding measures should be taken. 8. Do not place the machine next to a high temperature heating element. 9. It is strictly forbidden to turn the machine while it is running. 10. Strong impact on the machine is strictly prohibited.

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