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In order to push the material normally, the debris should be avoided from adhering to the centrifuge

Issuing time:2022-02-25 16:28

The centrifuge screen is one of the key components of the centrifuge, and it is a high-speed rotating component. When working, the screen basket must not only bear the vibration load, but also bear the severe impact of coal and water, so the strength and precision requirements are relatively high. The selection of the centrifuge screen is very important, which is directly related to the separation and filtration of materials and the life of the machine. A good set of centrifuge screens should have the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and uniform filtration precision. The user should select a suitable centrifuge according to the use occasion, material properties and other factors to achieve the expected purpose. Separation performance is the basic function of centrifuge, including separation effect, washing effect, processing capacity, degree of automation, etc. When ordering and selecting models, it is difficult to determine the final separation effect due to the differences in material properties, including the viscosity of the material, particle size and its distribution, density, and the solid-liquid ratio of the slurry. Generally speaking, the separation factor is An important factor affecting the separation effect of a centrifuge. The separation factor is the ratio of the centrifugal force to the gravity of the material to be separated in the centrifugal force field, and it is related to the speed of the drum and the diameter of the drum. For some materials, the filter cake needs to be washed with washing liquid, and some even need to be washed many times to meet the requirements, which requires the configuration of washing pipes. The washing effect has a great influence on the washing time, the washing speed, and the structure of the washing tube. We occasionally encounter the phenomenon that the centrifuge does not push the material during use, which may be caused by the agglomeration of debris adhering to the centrifuge screen. When the composite cylinder is driven by the pulley connected to it, when it rotates at full speed, one end of the cylinder is connected to it, and the main shaft connected to the drum at the other end drives the drum to rotate at full speed together; Connected with a guide key, the piston can be connected to it at one end and the push rod at the other end connected to the pusher plate, which drives the pusher plate and the drum to rotate at full speed synchronously. Under the hydraulic drive, when the piston reciprocates by itself in the composite oil cylinder, the pushing plate can reciprocate in the drum. After the pulley drives the drum to rotate at full speed, the suspension can be continuously introduced into the conical hopper mounted on the pusher through the feeding pipe. Under the action of centrifugal force, the suspension is evenly thrown onto the centrifuge screen along the circumference of the big end of the hopper. Most of the liquid phase is thrown out of the drum through the centrifuge screen gap and the small holes in the drum wall, and accumulated in the middle casing and discharged by the drain pipe. The solid phase is trapped on the centrifuge screen to form a ring-shaped filter residue layer. With the process of the piston, the pusher plate can move the filter residue layer forward along the drum axis for a certain distance. When the piston returns, the pusher plate also moves forward. During the return trip, a new filter residue layer is formed on the surface of the vacated centrifuge screen. As the piston drives the pusher to reciprocate, the above process is repeated, and the filter residue moves forward one by one. During this process, the filter residue is further dried, and the rear filter residue is pushed out of the drum and discharged through the discharge port of the front casing.

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